How to Substitute an Electric Mixer With a Hand Mixer

In the chef’s kitchen, you can find almost every tool, machine and necessary equipment that are required for the cooking meals. Chefs kitchen has it all. A regular person is very picky because you never cook food like chefs to have different types of tools, so you need one tool that can take off your daily cooking. Not every tool is the same and can take on the various kinds of the task, which were meant for the different instruments.

If you are planning to upgrade or downgrade mixers, then that is possible. However, if your expectations exceed the mixer capabilities, then that is not feasible.

Stand or Electric Mixer


Despite many people not accepting the fact that Electric mixers and asking for a replacement for it. Stand mixers are known for delivering the task without any hassle. If you have plenty of other work to do, then you can leave the mixer for a longer period and work on another task. The mixer can take on more load than the hand mixer. The bowls are sealed properly, so the splashing is not possible.

The mixers come with many features and options. You can set timers, pressures, three types of programs.

Stand or Electric Mixer
  • They take more, and also they are not easy to clean.
  • Expensive than the hand mixer.
  • Electric mixers are not easy to carry because they are heavy and bulky.
  • Some of the mixers require maintenance once in 500 uses.

Hand Mixer


A hand mixer is a compact and lighter mixer (read hand mixer reviews at uphomes). You can use it for light purposes, and it does not consume much space, and you can store it nearby as well. You can store the mixer somewhere in the cabin or near to you. The compact mixer can run on rechargeable batteries, and you can use it without the help of a cord.

The compact mixer does not break your bank vault to buy one, and it comes with two years of warranty, which makes it more durable and also reliable. The mixer comes with only two options, so it makes it easy for you to operate it. The price is very less when you compare it with the stand or electric mixer.

Hand Mixer


Users who have yet to experience are not aware of the difficulties, and they have to face every day.

  • The motor is small because of that it cannot handle the heavier task.
  • The risk of spilling and splashing is significantly high.
  • There are many different models are launching in the market, which do not last long or repairing would be difficult.
  • It sometimes takes a long time to mix or cut the ingredients.


There isn’t much you can do about the capacity of the hand mixer. However, I would suggest you understand the advantages and disadvantages you are going to have while in use. Since we have described Hand and Electric or stand mixer properly, now you can come to a decision about the mixer by yourself. If you have any question or suggestion to make then you can comment below.


How to Live Freely and Comfortably with Rustic Living Room Furniture?

The beauty of putting a rustic appeal into a living room is the comfortable and casual atmosphere that it gives to the room. Because of this you stay relaxed and really comfortable while chilling out in the room. This is even more effective and ideal when your living room opens to the patio. You could also recreate the rustic cabin or lodge appeal as well.

What Type of Furniture Is Required?
Well, even if the aim is to create a rustic appeal into the room the trick is really to combine form and function always. So for starters, you need a sofa and a center table in the room. Then you could add more chairs and a bureau as well.

As the name suggests, you don’t really need luxurious pieces of furniture. In fact, rustic living room furniture makes use of simple materials. And yet the effect is great because of the look and the comfort it provides.

Present Day Rustic Furniture Pieces
Today, the rustic look and appeal is still popular as a theme. However, a more contemporary appeal is mixed into it already. In fact, more modern materials are being used while maintaining the same theme. This means that you now have a choice to buy authentic simple handmade rustic furniture. And you can also buy modern furniture with rustic designs.

You can use either leather or fabric too. Of course, the design of the fabric generally depicts a more rustic theme like the mountains or the natural wildlife. More authentic rustic furniture would use logs as frames of the sofas and the other chairs. The same can be used as legs and frames of tables too.

At times, antlers are also used as legs or as decorations. A more modern technique today is to treat the wood for longevity and better appeal. The wood may also be stained to provide some interest as well.

Rustic Furniture Pieces

Injecting a Rustic Flavor into the Room
The good thing about creating a rustic look is that you don’t really have to change or pattern everything to the theme. In fact, you can simply add a few rustic living room furniture pieces here and there or even just accessorize a bit. You can already create the rustic look you aim to have in the living room.
The trick really is to make use of the appeal and beauty of wood in the room. For instance, you could add mirrors in rustic wooden frames. Adding a rustic wooden bookcase could even help achieve the rustic look too.

Then aside from using a table with the same theme, you can add flowers and twigs to accent the rustic appeal in the room too. Again, you just have to inject a flavor of theme here and there. And you simply have to mix and match expensive and more affordable pieces as well. If you are able to use your creativity quite effectively, surely you will be successful in bringing about a rustic appeal in the room.

Rustic Furniture Pieces2


What Country Living Room Furniture Provides an Authentic Country Feel?

Giving your living room a country feel could make it look charming and chic. However, you need to put the right country living room furniture in it in order to create a perfect country living room feel. You should not overdo it either. Or else, your home would also end up looking like a display center.

List before You Buy
Before you even buy a single piece of country living room furniture, you should plan what pieces to buy first. Do not worry so much though as you don’t really need to buy so many pieces to create a country style living room. The first thing in your list should be a coffee table. Choose deep colored finish and a natural look.

Try to steer clear from sofas that match the coffee table though if you don’t want a cabin look in your living room. You can even simply go with a plain beige sofa. But try to get side tables of the same finish as the coffee table. Place the tables on each ends of the sofa to create a coordinated appeal.

To complete your list of country living room furniture to buy, you should include a rocking chair. Find a simple but comfortable and cozy looking rocking chair that you can decorate to look like granny’s favorite spot.

Living Room Furniture

How to Accessories the Country Living Room Furniture
Start with some throw pillows. Choose the plushy and colorful ones. These would bring color to a neutral colored sofa and make your living room look cozy and comfy. You can go with various looks. In fact, you should experiment and really mix and match various designs and colors. This will not only give you an elegant and hip country feel in your home. It will also give you a look and appeal that is truly your own.

You should also accent your coffee table. To do so effectively, stay away from blending colors and material. Instead you should go with wrought iron centerpiece or hand blown glass. This would surely highlight the table and provide some interest to this spot.

On the side tables, you can put some candle holders to put some glow and warmth in the room. You can also get some low lighting lamps there and all around the room to create a cozy and a homey ambiance.

low lighting lamps

Mixing More Modern Country Styling
Like many other designs and styles of the room furniture, the country look has also evolved over time. If you want to follow the same look you can use other materials such as glass and polished metal as well. The important thing is to utilize natural colors. Everything should also look and actually feel comfortable as well. The focal point should really project a country flavor to create the same mood in your living room.

To effectively achieve this, you should avoid using hard lines. Instead go with wood, straw or wicker. You can use stained or natural wood. Just avoid a polished and glossy finish though. And then again, for accents, use leather, cotton, wool and other natural materials.

Modern Styling Furniture


Things You Should Know before Shopping for Traditional Room Furniture

While most homes feature modern living room furniture today, many homes still maintain traditional living room furniture too. Even new homes are designed with a traditional feel because it exudes a cozy and warm atmosphere into the room.

More Appropriate for Larger Living Rooms
Before you decide to buy traditional living room furniture, you should take note that this design generally requires a large room. Traditional furniture is usually bigger than modern furniture. You have to check whether your living room is big enough for this kind of look.

Otherwise you would only be wasting space without providing sufficient seating. In fact, you even put traditional furniture sets apart from each other because of their size. Otherwise, the room would look cramped. You would not be able to appreciate its beauty either. But if you have a large living room the effect would be a more luxurious and grander feel to the room.

Dominant Material in Traditional Living Room Furniture
Wood is a dominant material in traditional living room furniture. One popular type of wood is teak. If you want a durable and quite a charming piece of furniture teak living room furniture would be great. What’s more is it actually ages well so you can rest assured that it would be able to maintain its elegance over the years.

It’s quite heavy though. Maple and oak wood can also be made into great furniture. Just make sure that you are buying furniture that is made from well seasoned wood so you can ensure that your furniture would not crack easily in a short period of time.

Traditional Room Furniture

The Traditional Design
Wooden furniture are traditionally carved so expect intricate carvings in the most beautiful traditional furniture too. Choose a more universal design though if you want your living room to be in tune with the times for a long time. You should choose furniture in various styles and eras in order to come up with a unique but an elegant looking living room.

Traditional wooden furniture is even made more beautiful by traditional prints and soft textures. Large floral designs are popular with traditional furniture. Self printed velvet fabric is also common among them. Of course, you should also check the craftsmanship to ensure that you are buying long lasting furniture. Because of the colors provided the furniture becomes warmer and cozy to look at. It even becomes more comfortable as well.

Traditional Furniture

Care for Your Traditional Wooden Furniture
Since you are using wooden furniture, you need to care for the wood so your traditional furniture in the living room will retain its beauty for a long time. By doing so, you also maintain the beauty of your living room.

The best way to do this is to clean and polish the wood. Since traditional furniture has carvings you need to clean the dust off regularly using a paintbrush. Doing so will not only not maintain the beauty of your furniture but help maintain your health as well. Again, polish the furniture at least once a year. And it is also advised that you use the same brand every time for best results.

Traditional Wooden Furniture


Features You Should Look for in Modern Room Furniture

A modern home deserves modern living room furniture. After all, guests usually go to the living room to wait and to chat when they go to your house. So if you want to impress your guests you should get the best furniture you can afford.

Clean and Trendy Look
These days, the modern furniture is characterized by clean and simpler lines. That is why they are also usually easy to match with virtually almost any existing look in your home. Nevertheless, if you are going to buy new living room furniture you would have to consider remodeling or replacing other pieces of furniture too. Otherwise you have to specifically look for the modern furniture that look good with everything in the room.

Other modern furniture also features geometric shapes and unique designs. If you want pieces that are great pieces of art as well, you also have this option. You also have several choices in terms of materials. For one, you have a choice to use leather if you want a luxurious and elegant look. Fabric gives you more choices in terms of color, patterns and design though. It also has a softer texture and appeal. Microfiber is one of the modern materials used today.

Clean and Trendy Look pics of living room

Comfort and Quality
Looks might give a great first impression. But that would be countered if the modern living room furniture in your home is not comfortable to use. For instance, you might have a great matching modern sofa. But when your guests sit down the seat is either too hard or too soft so they would not enjoy sitting there.

Of course, quality is also quite imperative. Otherwise, you would be looking to buy new furniture every so often. You would just be throwing money because you will not get value for your money. Aside from that most low quality furniture usually look cheap anyway so it will only ruin the look. It would also be embarrassing if you have guests sitting on a chair and it suddenly breaks. You could even injure yourself, your family and guests as well.

Comfort and Quality

Affordable and Easy to Clean
Again, you have lots of choices when it comes to modern living room furniture. Because of this prices could also vary a lot. You would find very expensive modern furniture and you may find very affordable furniture as well. However, you have to consider how much you can afford too. Based on that, you can choose the furniture that suits your budget, of course, also considering the looks and the style.

When choosing the modern furniture though, you need to be practical these days too. If you are very busy, you would be better off with easy to clean materials. For instance, if you have children glass would be better as it is easy to wipe off dirt. Leather would also be practical than fabric because spills and stains are not absorbed. It stays on the surface so you can easily wipe it away as well. In turn, you will be able to maintain its great looks and use too.

Affordable and Easy to Clean

What Contemporary Room Furniture Is Needed to Transform the Room?

If you want to bring a fresh look to your home transforming a traditional looking living room would be a great idea. You could buy contemporary living room furniture and really bring a new look to your living room. Surely all the expense would be worth it when you get the look that you want for your home and you impress your guests as well.

Get a Contemporary Sofa for Focal Point
When people enter the living room, they usually look at the center piece which is usually the sofa. That is why your choice of contemporary sofa is crucial to the overall effect the room is going to give. So before choosing other contemporary room furniture, you should pick the ideal sofa for the room.

If you have large living room, a contemporary sectional sofa would be great there. This would give you enough space for the entire family and for entertaining guests. You can even be creative in arranging the various pieces of the sectional sofa. You can also add additional sections to give more sitting capacity as well. In the same manner, you can also use other sections in other rooms and opt for a smaller sofa instead. But it would really be luxurious since you can have theater style seating with sectional sofas. You can also have one that opens like a bed too.

Living Room Furniture

Contemporary sofas also give you a more elegant look. They are quite stylish and really last longer than other materials. And what’s more is that leather looks great both with traditional and contemporary look. So if you change styles again, you might still be able to use the same sectional sofa.

There are other sofas too. You can even get a sofa cum bed if you lack space in your home. This will not only give you seating for the family and guests. And it also gives you an extra bed for unexpected guests. So with one piece of furniture you actually get a dual purpose. This will give you value for your money and again really help save space.

Add Some Chairs and Recliners
If you still have some space you can have your favorite lazy boy chair in the living room too. When looking for new contemporary room furniture though, you should consider using a modern recliner for watching TV. It’s usually smaller and yet as comfortable and trendy as well. The more you get used to the recliner the more comfortable you will be when you sit on it. So it really helps makes you comfortable in your own home.

Contemporary Coffee Tables
The contemporary look is characterized by an uncluttered look. So you need some storage as well. A contemporary coffee table would be great for storing remotes and clutter in the room. You can also use the coffee table for holding beverages and nibbles. With its simple and straight lines, you won’t even need a large space for it. It will complete the contemporary look you are trying to create. Of course, some accessories and additional fixtures would make the room even more beautiful.

Coffee Table in Living Room